Stay Secure With SIEM

Stay Secure With SIEM

No matter the size of your company, in today’s business environment, one needs to take proactive steps to monitor for a prevent IT security risks. One tool that Axis offers against the ever-present risk of a cyber-attack is security information and event management (SIEM)—a security solution that helps companies recognize, and protect themselves from, potential threats and vulnerabilities before they can disrupt day-to-day operations.

With SIEM, our clients can track and monitor behavioral anomalies of their employees and vendors and use artificial intelligence to automate much of the heavy lifting typically associated with threat detection and incident response. Today, SIEM has become a staple of many companies’ security operation centers. Much more than the log management tool it used to be, SIEM offers an advanced data orchestration system for managing security threats, as well as regulatory compliance reporting.

Simply put, SIEM aggregates, sorts, and consolidates data to identify possible threats, and ensure that your company’s system is adhering to all data compliance requirements. So, is it right for you?

How SIEM Works

The SIEM solutions offered by Axis sort and analyze data from several key sources to ensure company success. These include log management, event correlation and analytics, incident monitoring and security alerts, and incident monitoring and security alerts.

Log Management

By sorting and analyzing real-time data on logs and flow from users, applications, assets, cloud environments, and networks, IT and security teams can automatically manage their network’s event log and network flow data in one location. This integration allows for real-time threat assessment and allows teams to block or detect new types of cyber-attacks.

Event Correlation and Analytics

Another key element of SIEM is event correlation. By using analytics to identify and interpret data patterns, event correlation monitoring provides insights that allows a company to quickly locate and deter potential threats to business security. With SIEM solutions from Axis, companies can improve their mean time to detect (MTTD and mean time to respond (MTTR)—two essential yard sticks by which your cyber security is measured. This also allows for a company’s security team to offload the manual workflow typically associated with this sort of in-depth data analysis.

Incident Monitoring and Security Alerts

Because they enable the centralized management of both on-site and cloud-based infrastructure, SIEM solutions can identify all entities of the IT environment. For instance, a SIEM solution can monitor security incidents across all connected users, devices and applications, while simultaneously identifying and classifying any abnormal behavior patterns across the network. Axis SIEM solutions allow companies to customize and predefine what their correlation rules are and allows administrators to be alerted immediately to any potential threats and take the appropriate steps to stop or at least mitigate the damage before it becomes a larger, potentially debilitating, security issue.

Compliance Management and Reporting

One thing that is always at the back of the mind these days is making sure that your business is compliant with the various regulations that are applicable to your specific field. This is one area where Axis SIEM solutions can help. Due to the automated collection and analysis, SIEM is not only a valuable tool for security but also for verifying data compliance across your entire business infrastructure. This allows your company to generate real-time compliance reports for standards such as HIPPA, NIST and CMMC just to name a few. Today, many SIEM solutions come with pre-built systems and can automatically generate compliance reports, giving you peace of mind.

Is SIEM Right for You?

The bottom line for all our clients—taking the steps needed to monitor and mitigate cyber-security threats is essential. And with their ability to streamline a company’s security workflow, SIEM systems are key to data protection. By utilizing real-time threat recognition, automating regulatory compliance reporting, improving organizational efficiency, monitoring system users and applications, and detecting unknown and advanced security threats, a SIEM solution and the comprehensive data security offered therein is essential in today’s business environment.

If you’re interested in exploring SIEM solutions for your business, let the experts at Axis Computer Networks help. Click here and start taking the steps to secure your company or organization.