Keep Your Network Secure and Your Business on Track with Managed Services that Work the Way You Do 

Keep Your Network Secure and Your Business on Track with Managed Services that Work the Way You Do 

It never fails. You’re really rolling on your computer work—knocking item after item on that to-do list—and are on the way to having a great, productive morning. Then, it happens, you get the notification. Software Update Available.  

Don’t worry, it will be seamless and easy! Just click “Update Now.” Then, enter the password (surely you know your password…)—no, not that one, the one for the operating system. Is the update from a trusted source? Um, you think so… Then watch your productivity grind to a halt as your Wi-Fi connection shifts all its resources to downloading a 9 GB file. How can the update take up more memory than the application? Now all that’s left is to restart your computer. Wait! Did you save all the work in your open files? 

Is it any wonder we all click, “Try again later” when these updates come up? After all, those productive mornings seem to be more and more widely spaced on our calendars, as we’re pulled in more and more directions. The problem is, this can be a critical mistake. This kind of maintenance pays dividends down the road. It’s like doing the preventative maintenance on your car—you’re just less likely to have catastrophic failures down the road if you take a look under the hood now and again, and keep the oil changed, make sure the coolant and steering fluid are at the right levels, and other details. 

Same goes for your computer network. If you don’t keep up the systems you rely on every day, they can let you down, often without warning. But unlike keeping up the systems on your car, your computer system maintenance includes patches and updates that plug holes in the security framework that your network uses to keep your data safe. 

That’s where a proactive partner like Axis Computer Networks comes in. We help your team keep the software up to date, following manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure known problems are patched and addressed. We can help do this on individual workstations, but also on the network level so critical to maintaining data security. 

Best of all, we don’t believe in the trends that many of our competitors follow, using long-term contracts to extract guaranteed money from clients on a regular basis. It’s our policy to offer the best service we can to all of our clients, whether they have a long-term contract or stick with us on a month-to-month basis.  

We call our managed services program ProactiveIT because we keep an eye on the metrics and keys in all of your systems that allow us to head off problems before they affect your business with network downtime, data loss, or other issues that can damage your credibility with your clients, customers, and vendors. Put simply, we’re a medium-size business too, and we know what concerns our customers have, and how best to approach them. 

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