Empower Remote Employees with Technology

Many businesses have learned the benefit of remote employees: hard-working staff that reduce office space needs while expanding the reach of the company. These far-flung staffers often enjoy levels of autonomy and work-life balance that make them more productive, and help keep them happy. It’s technology that allows this arrangement to work well and seamlessly, and, when problems arise, it’s often technology that’s the culprit when things don’t work. At Axis Computer Networks, we understand the best ways to optimize productivity, and make the most of those outlying workers with their free-form schedules and entrepreneurial dedication.

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1. Capitalize on your network. The network is key for your in-house team to share information, stay up-to-date on market trends and check on the health and productivity of your business. It’s no different for remote staff. Get them on your network so their contributions are weighed and measured in just the same way. You may be surprised how far this goes to changing the conversation among your staff from “us and them” to “we.” One aspect of the network that cannot be overstated: regular backups. This is a key strength of any well-managed network, and every staffer everywhere can, and should, benefit from this insurance.

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2. Cloud services almost turns the idea of remote employees inside out: Everyone is remote to the cloud. Bringing network function to cloud-based servers means even more seamless sharing, and even software can be shared this way. The cloud makes it easy to keep software updates and bug fixes universal across the entire team, meaning there are no conflicts with outdated versions, and “saving down” a version of files so the sales team can have full access to the data. Best of all, it’s not an all-or-nothing decision. Hybrid solutions that move some functions to cloud-based servers often make sense.

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3. Security is as important as it ever has been, mostly because many businesses are being targeted for data hacks and ransomware. Companies with remote employees need to pay close attention to their networks to prevent unwanted exposure. At Axis Computer Networks, we understand the technology side of managing network security, but we also know about the human factors. Let us help you to develop protocols and train staff to reduce the dangers presented by hackers.

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